NYMA. Founder Firefly Network, The Accelerator Group, Daylife. Ex-MSFT, TWC, Samsung. MIT Media Lab Alum.

Currently I'm developing new ventures, both owned and for clients.

Though it all began back In 1994 at the MIT Media Lab, where my graduate thesis introduced Collaborative Filtering ("if you like this, you'll like that”). That led to a spin-off, Firefly.  Firefly built a variety of web firsts - personalized recommendations, profile pages with friend lists, web-based messaging, privacy policies, single sign-on, and for a spell was one of the most-trafficked sites on the web. 

Microsoft acquired Firefly in 1998. There, our team launched Microsoft Passport. As an original member of MSFT's new online privacy initiatives, I represented MSFT at the W3C and the Better Business Bureau Online.

Following Microsoft, I co-founded The Accelerator Group, a VC fund and incubator based in NYC, LA, and London. The fund developed and funded 15 early-stage businesses including Blogger (acq. by GOOG), Openwave (OPWV), Insight First (acq. by TFSM), and Meetup.

In 2003, I served as the Director of Technology at AOL and then Time Warner corporate. There I coordinated the TWX CTO Council, develop ed product strategies, and evaluated M&A and partnership targets.

Subsequently I co-founded Daylife, an enterprise cloud publishing company. As CEO I Ied the company through three rounds of financing, 100s of clients, 5MM in annual revenue, to its acquisition by Newscred in 2012. Backed by Getty Images, the New York Times, Betaworks, Craig Newmark, Ken Lerer and others.

Most recently I did a stint at the Samsung Accelerator, as an entrepreneur-in-residence.

I’ve guest-lectured at NYU, the City University of New York, and judged the MBA Odyssey competition.

I serve on the board of advisors for BrandKarma and Fandistro, and previously, for StreetEasy (acq by Zillow), Help Remedies (acq by Remedies, LLC), Treehugger (acq by Discovery) PeoplePC (acq by EarthLink), MediaCode (acq by YHOO), RealNames, InsightFirst (acq by TFSM), and AudienceME.